Wednesday, 30 January 2013


- What? You lost your bank cards?
- Actually I left them in a bookshop.
- This is crazy, you lost your cards because of your book addiction! So what happened next?
- I left them in the bookshop on Saturday. On Sunday they were closed, on Monday too due to stock-taking. So I phoned my dad and he sent me some money and  I got the cards cancelled. Then on Tuesday I went back to the shop to buy one book, the staff remembered me and they gave me my cards back...
- The cards you had got cancelled.... Any other obstacles?
- Yes, sunburns. Bear in mind I was heading south, in Spain, in summer. I never used any sun lotion. My legs were covered in blisters. I developed different shades of skin colour: deep red, strong pink and luckily some parts of my body remained white. But marks from sunburns are now still visible. It was painful but in the end it was worth it. I made it to Barcelona.
- How was Barcelona? What is the most vivid memory from Barcelona?
- Well, I met another interesting individual. Shortly after I arrived to Barcelona, I decided to take a rest, go somewhere, sit down and have a read. I was walking through Ramblas and decided to sit down against a statue. There was another guy, to the other side of the statue, white, with dreadlocks, he wasn't wearing any t-shirt or shoes. And he was also reading. I asked him what he was reading and it quickly became clear he was also Italian. We started a conversation. This young man said he had cycled to Barcelona from Paris and somehow lost his documents. I asked him why didn't he new documents, he said he couldn't. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for drug possession. Weed. So the guy decided to stay homeless in Barcelona rather than imprisoned in Italy but with new documents. He was not a bad type of person, he was a new type of homeless -  he even managed to have a girlfriend. Well he would still find food in rubbish bins but he was decent enough to offer to share. In the end we shared my sandwich.
- Simo, do you realize we have been talking for nearly 40 min now? I would have never thought it would be SOOOO interesting!
- Well, me neither. It's nice to say these things aloud. You know, most of the time they are only images. You keep memories but you can't remember details clearly.
- What is the next plan?
-  At least 2 month trip throughout Europe. 2 of my friends are coming along - it is going to be a new experience for them. I think that everyone should do something like this, only because it gives you this idea to get back to basics. In the end all that counts is food and where to set up your tent.....

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