Thursday, 28 March 2013


 Couple of more images from yesterday's 'bathroom' session. I decided to post these on blog as facebook can sometimes be funny about exposing some certain part of human body. Well, their rules, let it be - I am gonna play the game the way they want. Many of you have probably already noticed I love black and white images, this time I was experimenting with some 'soft' colors too. Not too much ;)


Tuesday, 19 March 2013


It's after 8pm, are you now comfy?
Perhaps you have taken a shower already, had something to eat. Now you might be in your bed, or on a sofa, relaxed, browsing the web, spying on your ex-partner on facebook and suddenly you see my post: APOLLO JUNCTION
You are thinking to yourself 'I don't know them' and you are about to navigate to another site, but you realized I made you smile and you can spare 5 minutes, click the link and have a quick read. 
These guys will soon be famous and you don't want to be telling yourself off for not reading about their beginnings.
How did I find out about them?
Simply kept my eyes and ears wide open, there is so many things going on in London, so many leaflets hovering in the air. I picked one and I sent email. I said 'I WANT TO MEET YOU PEOPLE'. And THE people got back to me and we arranged to meet up in The Half Moon pub in Putney before Apollo's gig.

Apollo Junction - who are they?
Jamie (singer, guitar), Sam (keyboard), Jonny (drums), Ben (bass), Matt (guitar).... 5 lovely talented guys from Leeds with a goal which they describe as 'to write mainstream pop to dethrone bands such as Coldplay, The Killers and Maroon 5.'

What else do you need to know about them at this stage?
They write their own lyrics and music 'we are not  money making puppets like Rihanna'
They write their lyrics and music TOGETHER.
They like fish and chips.
Only Sam can read notes.
Jamie loves red shoes and dotted socks.
Matt loves all other shoes and women (well, they all love women)
Ben started playing bass only 1,5 year ago.
Jonny looks good when playing his drums.
Their song 'Begin' has recently been played on Thai radio.
Their songs are played in BBC radio shows. And I bet we will hear them in other radio stations shows soon.
Their fan page can be found here and YOU should visit it, listen to their songs, fall in love with them and become a faithful worshipper of Apollo Junction. Also you should put a note in your calendar that on 20th of April you are going to their gig in The Dublin Castle in Camden.

Check out their video for a song 'Begin' (my first favorite song!)

     And some pictures from their gig in Putney

ps. - listen to their other songs, I recommend 'Here come the zombies'!